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Welcome to Northeast Advertising Solutions.

Our Team has prepared your onboarding for Hosting your WordPress Site.

This is a private page that will expire on 7/1/21  


Step 1. Overview & Invoices. 

Hosting – “Signature Title & Escrow” will be placed under the existing hosting agreement that Liberty Title & Northeast Advertising Solutions agreed to for the dates of June 1, 2021 to June 1, 2022 and to be hosted on the same server. The cost will fall under the existing agreement for NO additional hosting charges. However there will be a one time migration cost of $175 which will be billed to Liberty Title and labeled “Signature Title & Escrow”


How our migration process works. 

  1. We create an environment on the server.
  2. We then create a path.
  3. We load the path information into our plugin.
  4. We access your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  5. We install our plugin.
  6. The plugin is programmed to migrate and make a copy of directory files.
  7. When migration is finished we have a complete working duplicate site on our server, where we test and make sure it is functioning properly.
  8. We then send you DNS change information for your IT dept to point your domain at the new server.
  9. We then install an SSL certificate and your site is live.
  10. You can then terminate your current hosting.


*This is a complete white glove service, every step of the way we are monitoring and will consult you if we see any problems that may arise. We make sure your website is never disturbed during the process, we will recommend to your IT dept that they should pick a low traffic time to make the DNS changes to your domain due to domain propagation.    



Plugin Authorization